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Let’s Go to Germany, shall we?

What good is living in Ireland if we don’t hop around Europe every chance we get? 

Today we are headed off to the airport to hop a quick flight to Frankfurt, Germany for a week of sightseeing in the west of Germany and Luxembourg. 

Kegan’s cousin Tiffany and her husband Mike just had a squishy little baby and they live in Germany right now because MAJOR Keys (solid work on the promotion!) is currently stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base. 

Tiffany and I talked about planning a trip to see them before they potentially were moved…and what better time than when I get to cuddle with a supersquishy baby?

So, after verifying that this was a good time, we booked our tickets. Then I started a new hospital consultant role full time…. and life just kinda got busy! Haha

So, after testing and trialing out various sprinkler settings to keep our plants alive while we’re gone…and verifying that I can do everything for work I need to next week from a hotel, and packing at 2am… 🙈… I just now had time to write this on the way to the airport. Haha Life. 

So, anyway- stay tuned for some castles, some nature, some city- definitely some Roman ruins (because you know I am a total sucker for anything Roman) and some food pics (obviously a highlight of travel). Haha

Since I have to work every evening 3pm-11pm with a dinner break, there might not be as much to blog about and we aren’t covering our usual distance- keeping it close geographically. Seriously, the whole week fits in this circle 😂 but there is PLENTY to enjoy. 

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  1. Lyla

    Enjoy Germany! And tell the new parents hello 🙂

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