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Day 5- The Wild Atlantic Way

Sorry you got an alert a bit ago to a new post. Norah decided to help. I had just started and she decided to grab and my phone and POOF! Her magic fingers hit just the right spot. Lol

We call it “shark mode” when she gets sleepy because if she stops moving she’ll die like a shark. Lol

So anyway- here you go – the complete post haha

We started our day again with another “full Irish”. I know, I just said how I couldn’t eat it every day…but this one was free with the room. 


We left Dingle and headed north towards Limerick. It wasn’t long before signs pointed us to another random castle. This area just has castle ruins everywhere. We seriously saw 7 or more old ruined castles today. Some of them I couldn’t even find on the maps!

We came to the town of Ballybunion and I had seen some pictures online of this castle, so we stopped. Turns out there was a playground at the car park, so someone had to ride a chicken. 



We kept going toward Limerick, which our B&B host told us used to be nicknamed “Stab City”… But that it had been cleaned up in recent years.  Limerick has St John’s castle which is a really well preserved and restored castle. 

Remember the story a couple days ago of how the Irish rebelled in the 1640s and things went well for about 10 years until Cromwell set the whole island on fire?  Well when the Irish Rebellion of 1641 was going well, all of the Protestsnts in the area fled to this castle. So when the Irish got there, having no canons or other artillery to bombard the castle, they started digging out the foundations around the waters and now most of the outer walls have deteriorated. 





Leaving Limerick, we hit a few other small things on our way to Galway, the biggest being the Cliffs of Moher. Very amazing…but way touristy. They built a shopping strip into the side of the hill opposite the cliff. Come on! 


We did stumble upon this gem. Can’t remember the name now… Too bad it’s only unlocked from June-Sept… It seemed pretty cool inside.   


Along the roadway we saw this marker, so we pulled over. Turns out it’s St Brigid’s Well- the patron saint of healing”. People come here from all over to ask for healing of various conditions.  Apparently a very sacred Catholic place for the locals.. Who knew…

Next we passed through Kilfenora, or “The City of Crosses’. An amazing cemetary and church that housed an eight foot high cross. 











Last stop before Galway was to visit the Poulnadrome Dolman. A portal tomb that dates from prehistoric times. They think they have dated the human remains of this tomb to around 3000 BC. 

It sits in this thick limestone region called The Burren which looks like the lunar surface at times lol



Norah enjoyed all of the running today 🙂


Lastly we arrived at Salthill Promonade in Galway- we rented an apartment from a guy for the night here from AirBNB. (love that site!) it has an awesome view of the bay here


We walked down the hill and gambled a little at one of the many casinos here on this strip… 

(I didn’t win) 🙂 


  We ate at an amazing Indian restaurant downtown here too that just opened. Best Indian food I’ve ever had!



I am TIRED today- sorry this post is “mailed in” a bit and probably has a thousand typos since I’m doing the head bob trying to finish this before falling asleep!  🙂 headed to sleep to do it again tomorrow 🙂

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  1. natalie wheeler

    So Glad u are having a great time! Thanks for doing the blog so we can see all your Awesome pictures! I love the food porn by the way!

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