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Drumroll, please…

The planning is officially underway for our Fall trip!

(Note Norah’s “help” on the little map of Rome sites…she’s such a huge help. Lol) 

Southern Italy and Sicily!

We’ll be heading over for a 2 two-week trip, November 13-November 28. Very much like our Ireland/UK trip, we’ll be in a different town almost every night, just seeing the highlights. 

I’ve been reading up on my Roman and Greek history and learning Italian on my Duolingo app. I am beyond excited 🙂

Itinerary currently includes Rome, Bologna, Revenna, Florence, Tuscany, Naples, Pompeii, Sicily and a few small areas in between.

Any suggestions for us as I plan? I would love some input! 




  1. Fun! I love how organized you are and I’m impressed with the posterboard map. 🙂 Will you be stopping in Venice? I think you should. Norah would love the gondolas.

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