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Day 9 – Back to Dublin and a puddle jumper to Edinburgh

We left Belfast this morning… Honestly-we didn’t really like it there. Sorta felt like the Detroit of Europe lol I doubt I spend any more vacation days there in the future 🙂 

It’s about 2 hours to drive straight back to Dublin, but we made a couple stops along the way. 

Our first was looking for the Kilnasaggart Stone. We drove down this crazy one lane car path and couldn’t seem to locate it. Stopped next to this awesome tunnel… Finally found something online with better directions. Turns out it was through two fields in someone’s backyard. Lol I don’t think anyone had visited in a while.


Over a stone wall


Through the first field  

Over another wall into a second field    

Through a gate 

One lone stone pillar.    


Next stop on our way was Monasterboice. I knew they had a round tower from the 900s that you could ascend in the summer and tons of high crosses with intricate carvings. It did not disappoint…but my camera batteries died so I only have iPhone pictures for the rest of today  🙁





So after that, we were done with all the planned events prior to the flight. It we had 4 hours to kill. I remembered something I wanted to originally see in Dublin on our way out of town the second day… So I thought the Wonderful Barn might be a good way to kill some time. This strange barn was an outreach project. In the 1740s there was famine in Iramd. A rich widow of a politician created work for the locals by having them build this Barn.   


So we headed on into the airport. Norah made friends with the bear


I picked up a couple knick knacks


Found this gem in the bathroom. I think all public restrooms should have straightening irons hot and ready for use.’  

Goodbye Dublin 

We arrived in Edinburgh and found it a pretty easy city to navigate and drive. Can’t wait to go out exploring tomorrow 🙂 we walked around after parking our car in a garage for the night and found lots of neat statues and monuments



We stumbled on this kababs counter off the main drag and decided to give it a shot . Mixed kabob…hmmmmm


Well, I am falling sleep…so ignore any major typos haha and I will post way more Edinburgh pictures tomorrow. For now- here is the view out of our bedroom window. It’s like something out of a fairytale story!


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  1. Aunt Deana

    Love the view from your bedroom window! That alone makes me want to visit there. I’m anxiously awaiting your next post 🙂

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