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Day 12 – The Highlands

Sorry for the delay. No interwebs last night. We can’t live in Scotland. They have terrible internets. Lol Kegan is calling it “free range wifi”- if you find it and can catch it, you can use it. Haha

Today was a day of great Landscapes as we made our way across the highlands to the Isle of Skye. Sorry if the photos are all jumbled… You can figure out where they go. No idea why this keeps happening.

Our first stop was Rogie Falls.  








I thought this one was frame worthy



Tons of great sites across the countryside today.



We found this great lodge in the middle advertising coffee. A new couple just bought it and is turning it into a hotel. It used to be an old hunting lodge and it had the greatest “old Scotland” character. I could just picture some old haggard men gathered drinking whiskey after a long fox hunt in here. And their coffee was awesome. If we ever come back- we’ll stay here for sure.



Of course, we met more of the locals today. They pretty much have the right of way on the west coast of Scotland. Lol



We even met NEW locals I wasn’t familiar with before today. Yaks! And we got up close and personal with a couple. So docile. I wanted to pet one. Lol 




We are staying in Sligachan tonight, or as locals call it, “The Slig”. We ate at the hotel restaurant. I had the Haggis and the lamb shank. Kegan had the Barbary Duck and I had the Sticky Toffee Pudding…not so much because I wanted it as much as after that meal at Johnshaven, I needed to know if all Sticky Toffee Pudding was that good or if it was just that restaurant 🙂 now don’t get me wrong, I rarely find a reason to ever skip dessert lol…but we didn’t even finish this one. That other place was just that good. 




We then sat in the den with a real peat fire crackling and drank a local Talisker Skye scotch. To me and my non-refined Scotch palette it tasted very spicy on the front, very smokey in the mouth and a nice rubbing alcohol finish. Lol Kegan rolled his eyes at me.


Also, I have had anonymous requests for more Norah. And more cowbell… Although I’m not sure how to accomplish the second… So- for your viewing pleasure- more Norah. 🙂



And more landscapes:



We’re calling this “Lake Titticacca” lol (hehe….we’re all 12 year old boys)  


Tomorrow we will sight-see around the Isle of Skye….just a lot more landscape and nature photos 🙂 if we are lucky, we might be able to see the Aurora Borealis tomorrow night. Fingers crossed for a clear sky!


  1. Aunt Deana

    LOve love love the family photos – they’re all frameworthy! And Norah and the landscapes were fantabulous – the Yak, a very strange looking beast that makes me yearn to trim its hair so I can see its eyes!!! One question, what was the ginger beer like? Looked very interesting. I agree with your description of scotch, LOL. I have a friend who is going to Scotland in August specifically to do some of the ‘Outlander’ tours so if you run into any Outlander tourists ask them how they like it so I can pass on the info 🙂 Looks like you’re having a blast, so happy for you all!

    • Erin McKinney

      The ginger beer was fantastic! Have you ever had Drambuie? It’s a spicy liquor…its like Drambuie mixed with gingerale without the alcohol bite. All the good, none of the bad. I have been craving it. I had never heard of Outlander until just now when I googled it! How did I miss that?? I’m sure that the tours will go right by/to places from the books/series that we have visited here as well… I kinda obsessed and researched about every inch there is to see in the country 🙂
      I would be happy to talk with them before their trip or help them plan if they have any questions!

  2. Aunt Deana

    one more comment: Tara wants to know what kind of camera you are using because as she says (and I agree) “Those pictures are so awesome!”

    • Erin McKinney

      It’s a Canon 50D, most of the images taken with a 10-18mm wide angle EFS lens. Some close ups taken with a 50mm portrait EF lens.
      I found it used on Craigslist before Norah was born when I got all “mom-ish” and decided I needed good pictures of my baby! Haha
      It was in the stolen UHaul trailer, but was one of like 4 things we got back…and I was so glad because no way was I buying it again at full price! Haha

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