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Day 19 – Cheddar Gorge, Bath and Stonehenge

Today was an easy short day full of tourist traps 🙂 (You’d think I wasn’t a tourist!) most of our morning was spent driving out of Cornwall back towards the rest of England basically backtracking through what we did yesterday. 

The first new place we saw was Cheddar Gorge- which basically turned out to be the Pigeon Forge of the UK. lol That being said… The gorge was WAY bigger than I expected and I definitely didn’t expect the town to be built INTO the rock walls. Had we been able to find a parking spot within a mile of the little town center we would have spent some time there…but it was crazy busy… I’m guessing because it’s Easter weekend. 



We then headed to Bath. They have a old Roman bath. But something they don’t have: parking. So…we decided that the pictures online were just as good, especially since it was $20 a person to walk in and see the bath that really isn’t even that old. The only thing Roman that is left is the actual basin of water,  all the structure and tile and everything was built in the last 150 years. 

One oddity- all of Bath seems to have been built out of the same color stone. 








So… On to Stonehenge! They’ve put up this huge center and exhibit and cafe and gift shop. Lol it’s ridiculous.  

So many people…  

The rocks           

We paid $60 to take a bus back to a fence to see the stones only to leave and drive RIGHT by them from the road on the other side through a fence just a little further away. Haha 

 We were all like, Ahhh man! Haha but oh well, most of the things we’ve done have been free or very cheap…and I’m sure it goes to keeping up the site. 

I am constantly surprised by just how rural the majority of England is outside of the cities…it’s not like the US where we have tons of little towns scattered all around, if you get outside of the major cities…you may find a tiny cluster… But it’s just countryside.


We got to the hotel early and we’re totally eating at the Pizza Hut beside the hotel because this is a total tourist zone and American restaurants are all they have here. 

The don’t have breadsticks here, they only have garlic bread. Also they put corn on their pizza. 



Tomorrow morning is Norah’s day…we are going to Peppa Pig World! (Thanks to my friend Kelly for letting me know that it existed!)

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  1. Kelly Shallbetter

    Can’t wait to see pictures tomorrow of Peppa Pig Land!!!!
    Happy Easter!

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